Sell With Us

Do you make lovely things for the home? Then we would love to hear from you!

For a while we have been considering making Polkadot Living an online marketplace. One of the ideas at the forefront when we started up our online store was to create a platform where other small business’ could sell their beautiful homewares and interior accessories easily. As a small business ourselves we know how tough it is to get your products out there without a lot of investment in advertising, promotion and marketing etc. Our aim is to expand the range of products available on our website without holding the physical stock ourselves. We will of course still be stocking the same range of lovely products as we already do and our own items too but would love to expand the range available to our customers.

So how will it work? The items will be shipped directly from you. You don't need to send us any stock. There are so many benefits to this including being able to use your own branded packaging and also allows for easy ordering of bespoke or personalised items. There will be no upfront cost to you at all and a small commission will only be taken when you sell.

Eventually, the plan is that our website will be adjusted so that our lovely sellers will be able to add, edit and control their own products and orders. However, we're not quite there yet and we want to establish what interest there is before the website is upgraded. Until then it’ll all be done through us but we are confident it will work well!

If you are interested in selling with us or have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch at We really would love to hear from you!