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Autumn has arrived at Polkadot Living

Its October and Autumn has now officially in full swing.  Here at Polkadot Living we are busy getting ready for the colder months with lots of lovely, cosy new products heading onto the website very soon!  We are also getting our stall organised for some up coming Christmas markets and fairs. I will put all the details of where we will be when on here soon. We would love you to come and say hello if we're at a market near you.  Christmas is now just around the corner (yippee!) and as so many of our own products are made to order please make sure you order with plenty of time to ensure it is made and delivered in time for...

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Polkadot Living Spring Update

Hi there, The sun is shining here in Derbyshire today so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to update you all with whats been happening. Lots of lovely new things are heading to the website this spring. Some very talented people have contacted me asking me to sell their homewares on our website. These things vary from calligraphy prints to cushions. We are also trying to expand our own range of products so keep a look out for our polkadot doorstops and fully customisable foil prints.  It's so exciting to be working with so many talented people and we can't wait to make all these things available to all of you.  If you make or produce lovely homewares or...

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Hello from the Polkadot Blog

First of all, welcome to Polkadot Living! I'm so pleased to be able to finally welcome you to the Polkadot Living website which you must have now visited as you have found the all new Polkadot Blog. Based in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside I hope to bring you an abundance fabulous homewares delivered straight to your door. Polkadot Living aims to bring products to the market that are not widely or easily available, that will help transform your house into a gorgeous home. Products that you can guarantee people will ask you where you have got them from (and please do tell them). A blog seems to be the perfect way to keep everyone up to date with all new polkadot related...

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