New Business Shout Out - Stoker Log Baskets

Running a small business myself I know how hard it can be to get your name out there. I’m still working on it myself! I want to be able help other new or small businesses in any way I possibly can. Whether that is selling their products on our website or just telling you all that they exist. Here is a massive shout out to new business ‘Stoker’ who hand craft steel log baskets local to us in the Peak District in Derbyshire.

Steel log basket with logs

When I first saw one of their baskets I was genuinely blown away by the design and overall quality. This Father and Son venture came about after they saw a gap in the market for a log basket that was built to stand the test of time, they knew that whilst looking nice, traditional wicker baskets don't always last well and can often not be strong or robust enough to last more than a few seasons. Because of this they set about creating their own designs that would overcome these issues. The quality of them really is amazing, they’re sturdy and solid but still light enough to carry and are a stylish addition to any home whether it’s modern or traditional. They are built with longevity in mind and are likely to be the only log basket you will need to buy again.

 Top view of log basket   

They are made out of steel and because of this any scratches built up over time can be touched up easily with paint. The size of the basket means there is lots of room for a good few days worth of logs, meaning less trips outside to the log store. The holey design means that your logs stay well ventilated too. The finishing touch of their laser cut logo at the front gives such a premium feel that they would look right at home in the most prestigious of fireplace showrooms. Aside from their obvious functional role, the skillful craftsmanship that has gone into making each one means they are also a feature in their own right.

Laser cut logo

They’re currently working on several different designs to suit all spaces and in the future they also hope to offer a bespoke service. Although they are currently not available to buy they will be very soon and I can’t wait to see what else they have planned for the future.

Log burner and steel log basket

They haven’t quite made it onto social media as yet but I can let them know any feedback you may have or you can get in touch direct, their website is They would really love to know your thoughts and will answer any questions you have. Please spread the love of this brilliant new business so we can help give them the best start possible.

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