Hello from the Polkadot Blog

First of all, welcome to Polkadot Living!

I'm so pleased to be able to finally welcome you to the Polkadot Living website which you must have now visited as you have found the all new Polkadot Blog. Based in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside I hope to bring you an abundance fabulous homewares delivered straight to your door.

Polkadot Living aims to bring products to the market that are not widely or easily available, that will help transform your house into a gorgeous home. Products that you can guarantee people will ask you where you have got them from (and please do tell them).

A blog seems to be the perfect way to keep everyone up to date with all new polkadot related products, ideas and inspiration. The Polkadot Blog aims to inspire you to get creative with your own home as well as give you an insight into country living, interior design ideas, baking.....and everything else in between.

Much love from,

Polkadot Living xx

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